First Look Gnomes Teaser Trailer

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First Look Gnomes TEASER TRAILER
Everyone wants to learn something new, but not everyone wants to sit down and read a bunch of nonsense - so why not listen to some instead? Chuck in some random facts and a couple of Dad jokes, and you'll be full of (potentially useless) knowledge in no time.
Whether all of it is true is part of the gnomery.
Join Cornishman Dan Williams in the shed at the bottom of his garden, in Cornwall, and Wulfrunian (a man from Wolverhampton apparently) Craig Hodgkiss from his kitchen in Belfast, as they take a first look at the relatively unknown and learn some stuff from each other and chat about life.
Dive into the First Look Gnome Universe every month and learn about random things you didn't even know you wanted to learn about! Fill some of your day with something interesting, engaging, and funny. That bit is a promise!
Welcome to the bottom of the garden.......'But what about the Gnomes?' I hear you cry!
Good things come to gnomes who wait. And ones that rate, review and subscribe :)

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