64. Did Jesus Get the Best Mic Drop?? How Isaiah 61 Transcends Time and Speaks Across Millenia Straight to You. // Wisdom Wednesday.

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Short and Sweet- Wisdom Wednesday

I love the Bible. One of the absolute coolest things about the Bible is that, like God, time seems to all get blended together. The Prophets of the old testament often had no real concept of what it truly was they were prophesying about from a time standpoint. The first coming, the second coming, or all that is in between often gets folded on top of each other, yet it still sings to our hearts today just as it did 2000 years ago.

Learn all about Jesus' epic mic drop and how Isaiah 61 can speak to your hearts as much today as it did 2000 years ago in today's Blog/ podcast episode- https://findingfaithabove.com/did-jesus-get-the-best-mic-drop-how-isaiah-61-transcends-time-and-speaks-across-millenia-straight-to-you/


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