43. Are YOU on a Jesus Journey? How to Build a Relationship with our Lord and Savior. An Interview with Christian Ex-LDS Mama, Liz Lowder

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Are you walking away from the presence of the Lord? A Story About Purpose, a Big Fish, and Accepting God’s Will.

Are you on a Jesus Journey? Better yet, do you have a relationship with our Lord? We can do all the works, go to church, fulfill callings, learn about church and about gospel, but are we taking the time to know Him?
Today, we are hearing the story of a former LDS member, and ex-Mormon mama and wife, Liz Lowder who decided to do just that, build a relationship. It started while she was still in the church, but now overflows into all parts of her life.
It is not easy to get out of the mindset of working for His love, but we always have to remember, His love He freely gives.

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