Finding Faith Above// Self-help done God’s way/ Learn Basic Christian Beliefs and Theology + Personal Development. With exmo- Christian, Shelby Hohsfield. For Exmos (Ex-Mormons, Ex-LDS)

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Από Shelby Hohsfield | Exmo Christian, Writer, Speaker, and unstoppable ENTHUSIAST of Living God’s Purpose after the Church., Shelby Hohsfield | Exmo Christian, and Unstoppable ENTHUSIAST of Living God’s Purpose after the Church. ανακαλύφθηκε από την Player FM και την κοινότητά μας - τα πνευματικά δικαιώματα ανήκουν στον εκδότη, όχι στην Player FM και ο ήχος αναπαράγεται απευθείας από τους διακομιστές μας. Πατήστε το κουμπί Εγγραφή για να παρακολουθείτε τις ενημερώσεις στην Player FM ή επικολλήστε το URL feed σε άλλες εφαρμογές podcast.
I help Christian women coming from belief systems that promote works-based salvation and are struggling with self-worth to know they are enough through self-help done God’s way so they can fulfill their purpose of loving Him and making Him known. _______________________________________________________________ Email> Website> Learn to Podcast and Share your Story> FB Group> Instagram> _______________________________________________________________ Are you ready to go on a Jesus Journey? You’re invited! I know what it is like to have so many questions about the Christian faith. And if you are like me you may have some religious baggage that left you questioning your self-worth in a big way. Let me guess- the world keeps telling you you are enough- all on your own you are enough? Well, I’m about to drop a truth bomb- ....on your own you will never be enough! Hold up! Did I get your attention? I’m Shelby Hohsfield at times I was an ex-Mormon, agnostic, a Sunday Christian, want to be Buddhist and a New Age follower, but God had very different plans for me. The whole time I was living in one very big lie- that I was in charge of my own enoughness and my works were going to save me and my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about self-help and personal development, but as a born-again fully transformed Christian I learned there is the world’s way and there is God’s way. To quote CS Lewis, ”The more we get ourselves out of the way and let Him take us over the more truly ourselves we become.” Mere Christianity. You are enough not because of what you have done, but because of what He has done, and He lives through you. If you are ready for Bible truths, theology and apologetics, and wisdom from His word that will shape your life, your confidence and yes, your feeling of being enough- then, friend, you are in the right place! ___________________________________________________________________ ABOUT YOUR HOST Finding Faith Above is hosted by Shelby Hohsfield. Shelby grew up in a mixed faith home and attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon or LDS) church until she was 18. As most people do when they leave the church, 85% actually, Shelby left God altogether when she left the LDS church. It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her son that God was made evident to her. From there sparked a quest to FIND FAITH, a fleeting idea that challenged her at every step. After trying all matters of religion for years, she was struck one night when some big things literally brought her to her knees- When things got super hard it was the surrender to the one true God that changed everything about Shelby’s life, belief, and understanding of this universe we live in. After a 20-year journey after leaving the church, she finally found faith above. As Jesus asked us to do, Shelby now dedicates herself to the great commission- telling the world the good news of Jesus. _______________________________________________________________ If you are ready to also share the good news you can partner with Shelby and create a website to match the amazing message you are bringing to the world. Go to to get started! _______________________________________________________________

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