#111: How to Make Martial Arts Techniques Work [Video + Podcast]

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Welcome to Episode #111 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “How to Make Martial Arts Techniques Work.”

You see a move. You learn a move. You try a move…

…but it doesn’t work! ARGH! So frustrating.

The truth is, sooner or later, we all hit a wall in our training. We all get to the point where we have to decide whether a technique is possible or impossible. But what if we’re wrong?

Before you give up on those so-called “fancy” moves, let me give you some advice—no technique works in the beginning! Heck—forget the beginning, even if you drill a technique over and over for years, you still might have a problem pulling it off for real.

But don’t give up! In this episode, I will share the six stages of learning that you must pass through to truly master a technique. No, it’s not an easy path to follow, but it’s the only way to get you where you want to go.

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How to Make Martial Arts Techniques Work

Here’s the video. If the player doesn’t work, click this direct link.

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