Totalitarianism. Eugenics, and the Truth | Gavin Nascimento

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Data analyst and conspiracy realist Gavin Nascimento talks about totalitarianism, eugenics and truth on episode 79 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.
Gavin has earned a reputation among some of the most prominent truth seekers of our time, like Joe Rogan and Billy Carson. He’s known for his relentless research and meticulous attention to detail.
Hear Gavin’s personal journey of self discovery, from addiction at a very young age to being uprooted from his home in Johannesburg, South Africa and relocating to a very foreign-feeling Florida. Learn how he sought solace in the strangest of places (spoiler alert: it was the Internet), learning to question the narrative and delving into some painful truths.
Faust and Gavin go down the rabbit hole to reveal the vast underbelly of the establishment — the buried muck where, ironically, the elites are entrenched. Gavin claims that it’s not a set of powerful families, or even corporations, that rule the world. Find out who — or what — really does.
From the fear-centered plandemic narrative to the origins of World War II to the obscure role eugenics has had on modern society, no topic is too “tinfoil hat” — because Gavin’s got the evidence to back it up. He’s got everything from declassified government documents to mainstream media articles to substantiate some decidedly painful truths.
Stay tuned till the end, as the two contend with the question of what we all can do in the name of truth, transparency, and courage to break free of the scarcity mindset and build a new world.
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