The War On Health And Wellness | Maryam Henein

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This episode of the Far Out with Faust podcast uncovers the tale of investigative journalist and Vanishing of the Bees director @Maryam Henein , whose online health and wellness community was targeted by “operation quack hack” — and part of Google’s systematic censorship exposed by whistleblower Zach Vorhies.
Maryam details how a near-death experience evolved into a personal health and wellness journey — eventually leading to the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen (now Elliot) Page. Henein explores the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder — the alarming disappearance of a population absolutely critical to our own food supply — ultimately pointing the finger at neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides originally touted as “safer.”
Fueled by her personal passion for health advocacy, Maryam founded, a marketplace offering lifestyle and wellness guidance and products. The company was flourishing until — you guessed it — the Ministry of Truth came for the hive with torches blazing.
This time, it wasn’t poison or pesticides — it was politics.
We’re talking widespread health and wellness censorship and targeting that amounts to nothing less than an assault on human health: Maryam had a front row seat in witnessing the first wave of a united front, an abomination of two titans of industry working together, not for the betterment of humanity, but for the betterment of their bottom line. Who are we talking about? I imagine most of you guessed already. Big Pharma and Big Tech. Now deciding what you can — and cannot — say or sell online.
Operation Quack Hack began in March 2020, ostensibly to take down anyone misleading the flock with unproven ‘rona cures. It amounted to the FDA turning lives and businesses inside out for selling things like (gasp!) silver.
Here’s a good one: why doesn’t anyone care about the truth?
Which brings us to Orange Man. Love him, hate him — just be aware that you have no idea what actually went down, since it’s been censored and repackaged by the only POV that matters: the mainstream media crusaders. Whatever happened to investigative reporting? What’s left is merely op-ed, spattered across the front page as fact.
Stay tuned, because our mentors are here in spirit:
Marianne Williamson, who (politics aside) wowed us with her wisdom — “we don’t have a healthcare system, we have a sick care system.”
FOWF inaugural guest Micheila Sheldan channels this nugget: having to decide between two untenable options does not equate to freedom.
Welcome to the real-life wild, wild West(world): where Trojan horses go viral and the largest storehouse of information ever assembled on Earth is (surprise!) systematically censoring itself and telling you how to think because it's been decided that you can't be trusted to think for yourself.
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