The Secrets of Our Galactic Origin | Debbie Solaris

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On episode 60 of Far Out with Faust, we meet galactic historian and starseed intuitive @Debbie Solaris — a navy veteran whose life profoundly changed when she found herself out-of-body on an Arcturian mothership.
Hear Debbie’s extraordinary journey from Colorado health department inspector to one of the most sought-after intuitive spirit guides and galactic historians. She is also a @Gaia Ambassador, appearing on many of the spiritual network's programs.
Raised Roman Catholic, Debbie’s mind was opened after her telepathic connection with extraterrestrial beings — and experienced a dramatic increase in extra sensory perception. She also began receiving frequent Akashic downloads. These are the ancient records of every soul in the universe, detailing the lives, thoughts and experiences of celestial beings, from humanoids to reptilians, and everything in between.
If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to board an alien spacecraft, you’ll be astounded by Debbie’s detailed account of the massive Arcturian ship — and her account of what followed.
From there we dive deep into galactic history, as Debbie shares her knowledge of various star systems and their extraterrestrial inhabitants: Sirius, Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus. Hear what Debbie has to say about the ancient lost worlds of Lemuria and Atantis.
What are the lessons to be learned and applied here on Earth? Faust and Debbie delve into the human predicament — where we’ve been, where we are, and whether or not it’s possible for us to overcome this destructive trajectory we’re on. Don’t miss Debbie’s code for helping humanity.
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