Sacred Geometry and Ancient Healing Technology | Brandon Michael Ricks

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Orgone energy and sacred geometry artisan Brandon Ricks beams in for episode 69 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. Ricks shares his experience with energetic healing modalities and structures (like his incredible tesseract life force energy chamber).
Brandon is an indigo child and a cancer survivor: hear as he shares how his kundalini awakening experience quite literally saved his life.
We’re talking about the power of energy, specifically orgone energy, also known as chi, life force energy, or prana. Brandon’s learned how to harness it through his handiwork. The inspiration for his beautiful coiled artisanal devices? These aren’t just works of art: they’re rooted in science, courtesy of Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich.
Listen in as we dive into sacred geometry and the power of pyramids. Learn about Brandon’s work with sacred geometric jewelry, EMF protection devices and pulsed scalar wave technology.
Stay till the end — Faust and Brandon connect over their shared love for Dr. Joe Dispenza. Don’t miss Brandon’s powerful advice for all humans!
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