Profound Life Hacks From World Renowned Performance Coach | John and Ali Denney

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John Denney is a highly specialized Performance Coach for top-level iconic athletes. John has coached top athletes like pro-surfer Laird Hamilton and golfing master Lexi Thompson. His proprietary HeartMath -based method using HRV feedback, trains athletes to master heart-brain coherence in challenging environments, from surfing 100-foot waves to the PGA Masters. He is also the co-founder and inventor of the paddleboard! John has studied and been coached by such mentors as Alan Cohen, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, and Dr. Wayne Dyer.
Ali Denney, John's daughter is head coach at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school, Parkland Fl. (School shooting 2018) and John is the assistant coach. Ali has a degree in Psychology and is enrolled in a Masters program for Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She's a FIU Beach Volleyball player and undefeated! Ali is also a sexual assault and rape survivor and THRIVER. She shares her experience and the skills she acquired throughout her life, such as meditation, self-regulation, breath, and right-thinking which enabled her to get over PTSD, severe anxiety, and Panic attacks in order to perform at the highest level in all the activities she loves.
The Harmony Exercise: (
Playing From The Heart (

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