Overcoming Obstacles That Block Consciousness | Faust Checho

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On episode 72 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, Faust Checho takes an intimate look at some of the most common obstacles that truth seekers and spirit initiates face in their consciousness journey. During this solo broadcast, Faust delves into the most common frustrating pitfalls and traps that people tend to struggle the most with on their path toward true happiness and a reality that aligns with their ideals.
If ever you’ve felt yourself stuck in your personal evolution, this is the episode for you. We’re answering some of your biggest questions:
What’s the key to true transformation?
How do I harness and master the Law of Attraction?
What is spiritual bypassing? Am I doing it and what are the repercussions ?
Stay tuned till the end, as Faust reveals a personal story about his latest plant ceremony, and what he learned about overcoming fear.

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