Hijacking Your Brain and Body for Harmony | Jim Poole

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We’re hijacking the nervous system in the most amazing way with the biohacking tech NuCalm, President and CEO Jim Poole, on episode 82 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.
Tune in to hear Jim dive into the story behind the only patented brain entrainment technology available today. If you’re interested in neuroscience and how to biohack your way to harmony and coherence (without spending 30 years in a Tibetan cave with the monks), don’t miss this podcast!
Jim shares the incredible story of how inventor and neuroscientist Dr. Blake Holloway developed the revolutionary NuCalm system.
Faust and Jim outline what you need to understand about the autonomic nervous system, including the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. We’re taking fight or flight vs. rest and digest.
Don’t miss the details of how Dr. Holloway’s technology overrides the body’s resistance by shutting down adrenaline while using true Tesla coil technology (not the car, the real Tesla), while simultaneously training the brain.
Hear why it’s just not possible to meditate while using the technology — it’s a sure thing and why how this technology ensures it.
You’re going to hear all about the non linear oscillating algorithm — and why it’s the key.
Come for the science, stay for the profanity — this conversation is colorful, to say the least. Given the state of the planet, did you expect anything less?
The mess we’re in is probably why the FBI, special forces, professional athletes, and cancer and surgical patients are all using NuCalm to achieve ideal brainwave states and heal.
Stay till the end to hear Jim’s practical advice for humanity.

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