Frequency Embedded Fabric: Quantum Clothing That Heals | Brian Burzynski

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On this episode of the Far Out with Faust podcast, Brian Burzynski, founder of Intelligent Threads, the advanced performance clothing that relaxes muscle tension, guides us to the intersection of intuition & invention, of energy healing & human anatomy, and quantum mechanics & entanglement.
This southerner has more than charm: from a very early age, Brian began listening to the quiet guidance coming straight from a higher power. Injuries during his teen years led him down a path toward a type of healing that can’t be explained by modern medical textbooks — but has roots in ancient, sacred traditions.
We dive deep into the humility abyss — that place where we realized we don’t know what we don’t know. That place that opens ever wider, the more we let go and listen to our own intuition.
Brian trained to be an alternative health practitioner and energy specialist in the (non)traditional way: as an apprentice to an accomplished mentor, gleaning knowledge and honing experience and realizing — again and again — that every encounter is a learning opportunity.
This training turned into Brian’s Synergy Release Method: a therapeutic modality designed to balance the body’s skeletal and muscular systems “so that they work together without compensation.” Thousands of clients — including world-class, professional athletes — have relied on Brian’s therapeutic techniques to recover from injury and alleviate chronic pain.
Exactly how is this possible? Consider Dynamo Jack: the Chi master who could generate energy powerful enough to ignite fires with just his fingers (believe it or not). Or one of Faust’s favorites, Neale Donald Walsch, who cursed God for neglecting him — until he realized that he just hadn’t been listening.
Tune in to learn how a football player with anger issues sent Brian on a pain-prompted quantum journey that later culminated with the amazing development of breakthrough tech, Intelligent Threads — his extraordinary line of clothing designed to energetically release muscle tension upon contact with the body. Billed as the most advanced wearable tech on the planet, it's the go-to performance gear for a variety of professional athletes.
Not convinced? Quiet your mind, lean into the weird, and let your higher power guide you without reservation. The revelations await.
To learn more about Brian’s therapeutic practice, visit
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