Channeling Bella: Extraterrestrial Human Hybrids | Gita Rose

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On episode 49 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we meet Gita Rose: metaphysical teacher, yoga instructor, and vocal channel of the human/ET hybrid, Bella. From a young age, Gita was aware that she was connected to beings outside of our consciousness. She always had an innate sense that there’s no such thing as coincidence — that everything happens for a reason.
Faust and Gita talk about meeting in Hawaii through their mutual friend — Avatar stuntman and former podcast guest Reuben Langdon — and his @Gaia show, Interviews with Extra Dimensionals. Gita’s fond of stories, she says, because it’s through story that humans learn.
A story doesn’t have to be factual — it only has to be true.
Gita describes how she came to understand that Bella, a hybrid Yahyel who arose from the “abduction scenarios,” is a part of her. She instinctively knew that all of our “mystical” experiences are right at the surface: we only need the mirror to show it to ourselves. It could be a medium, it could be your barista.
We learn how Gita and Bella are related, as Gita illuminates the concept of the oversoul and its many levels. Through Bella, she explains why there’s no such thing as reincarnation — and reveals what there is instead.
Faust marvels about those moments of profundity: when you are so changed afterwards that you can’t believe you didn’t “know” this truth before.
@drjoedispenza is here, in spirit. His teachings about retraining our brain to take snapshots not in trauma, but in gratitude informing the discussion. Gita reassures us that we don’t have to dwell on our depression and delve into shadow work to heal: hear why.
Hint: the answer lies within the difference between something that’s difficult, and something that’s challenging. It’s about learning to reframe our trauma to make overcoming more meaningful. How do we extract the lesson?
We touch on our podcast with the legendary Dr. Don Wood (episode 44), and his ability to train elite athletes to remain present — with record-setting implications. Which gels with Gita’s conviction that we are, without exception, 100% malleable creatures.
Don’t miss Faust’s poignant anecdote about a recent meditation where he had a little chat with his heart — as evidenced by data from his biofeedback device. Gita has her own version, too.
At the heart of this podcast? The understanding that not everyone believes — but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is the takeaway: that we are the stewards of this planet. That we are so much more alike than we can ever imagine. It’s our duty to look for the things that unite us.

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