EP 167 | Keeping Karlsson Crossover draft with Elan and Ben

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Jesse and Victor welcome Elan Dubrofsky and Ben Burnett of the Keeping Karlsson network for a crossover episode. The topic is a draft of the rest of the 2021-22 NHL season. We each take one skater from each of the 32 teams, 22F and 10D. The object is to draft the team with the most points for the rest of the year. The catch: all players must be under 50% rostered in Fantrax! Fireworks ensue. The first half of the draft is on this week's episode of Keeping Karlsson. The second half is right here. Also, a huge announcement about the future of the podcast (and it is a good thing). Follow Victor on twitter @victornuno12 and Jesse @fanhockeylife. Email fantasyhockeylife@gmail.com and ask to join our free discord. Listen and subscribe wherever podcasts are posted - and give us 5 stars! We want to be your best place to talk about the game of dynasty fantasy hockey.

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