Weekly 9: Amazing space, Mothmen, and so much more

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It's Weekly time, the podcast show where we recap the week on Eurogamer for you. Remember premium supporters get these episodes every Friday, whereas everyone else listens from Monday.

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Today on Weekly, I'm joined by editor in chief Martin Robinson and features editor Christian Donlan. We talk about the amazing space pictures pumped back from the James Webb telescope this week, which Christian is very excited about, and we dive into the Mothmen legend and new game Mothmen 1966, which again, Christian is very excited about.

Elsewhere, we take a look at the hulking beast that is Grand Theft Auto Online, we dip into Company of Heroes 3, and talk about the upcoming cinematic game As Dusk Falls, which I'm very excited about. And of course we whizz through all the other videos, features and news that stood out on the site this week.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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