Weekly 14: Rollerdrome is wheely good and so much more

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It's another Weekly, the podcast show where we - the writers of Eurogamer - recap what's been going on on the website for you.

Joining me today are news reporter Victoria Kennedy, who you'll recognise from the Newscast, and the Strandmon of features, Christian Donlan.

This week, we're revelling in the superbness of Roll7's new game Rollerdrome, we're delving into musical episodic adventure We Are OFK, and we're wondering about the accessibility potential of the PS5 DualSense pad and the fancy rumble features. We're diving into Sea of Thieves, splash!, years after release, and then whizzing around the bigger headlines this week.

Relax as we bring you up to speed - gosh that sounds naughty - on Eurogamer goings-on. See you again on Friday!

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