One-to-One 26: The Witcher (Geralt) voice actor Doug Cockle

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I can't believe it was six years ago that I met Doug Cockle, voice of The Witcher (Geralt) in the video games. He was a teacher back then, leading the acting course at Arts University Bournemouth - such an ordinary place to find a bonafide video game star.

But a lot has changed since then. Doug Cockle no longer teaches there; he was debating a return to full-time acting when we talked, and shortly after, did exactly that.

Meanwhile, The Witcher became a household name, propelled into the mainstream by the Netflix TV show. The star of that show, Henry Cavill, turned out to be an open admirer of Cockle's work, too, being a keen game-player himself. He even invited Cockle to the season one premiere in London, to hang out. And they did, as Cockle tells me in this episode of the One-to-one podcast show, now available everywhere and for everyone (search for "Eurogamer Podcasts" wherever you listen to them).

We talk about a great deal of other things as well. In find out what Doug Cockle has been up to in these six years, and how his move back into full-time acting has gone.

We talk about the games he's been lending his voice to - he has apparently just wrapped recording on something he thinks we'll find very exciting. But it's not The Witcher 1 remake because he hasn't been called up for that - yet.

We talk about the films and TV shows he's been in, and the stage show he recently appeared in. And we talk about the many appearances he makes at conventions around the world, the most recent being MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, where he hung out with the voice actors for Triss, Dandelion and - and I love this - Eredin from the Wild Hunt.

We talk about the craft of voice acting too, what it's like, and how Doug knows he's delivered something good. He is, as I think you'll agree, a lovely man and very entertaining and thoughtful to listen to.

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