One-to-One 27: Pentiment and Obsidian's Josh Sawyer

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One thing I've always loved about the work I do is hearing about people's lives. I like hearing their stories, I like hearing about the things that shaped them, because they not only relate to me as a fellow human being but inevitably, they are the things that end up shaping what they make. The games they make. The games we love.

It's a privilege to be able to focus on this in my podcast One-to-One, and I've had some wonderful guests. But few struck me the way Obsidian design director Josh Sawyer - the lead mind behind Pentiment - did.

Sawyer was not what I expected - and I say this as someone who's met him a few times. But on those occasions I got only a glimpse of him. He demoed a game, or we traded pleasantries while thinking about what work we were doing next - it was that kind of thing. But this time I got a chance to sit with him for a chunk of time and hear about his life, hear about who he is. And there's much I didn't know.

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