Newscast: What do Rockstar's changes really mean for GTA6 and the games industry?

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This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we're discussing GTA maker Rockstar Games. An eye-catching report has discussed positive changes for employees and suggested a new company outlook could also be reflected in Grand Theft Auto 6, whenever it finally arrives. How important are these changes, and could the industry as a whole benefit? Or should we be calling some of these things out as long overdue, and simply just a bare minimum?

We also touch on the Nier: Automata secret church/door - the apparent existence of which has been puzzling fans and the wider internet. Is it a very clever mod or an incredibly elaborate marketing ploy? Join Eurogamer's Tom Phillips, Ed Nightingale, Ishraq Subhan and Liv Ngan as we try to explain.

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