Newscast: Were Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play a disappointment?

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We're back again this week for another Eurogamer Newscast, focusing on the recent Nintendo Direct and PlayStation State of Play, plus the week's big news on the Yakuza franchise and what's next from Xbox Game Pass. It's been a busy week - full of Zelda, Pikmin, God of War and Yakuza 8 - but some corners of the internet are disappointed.

True, we didn't see some of the things we had expected might materialise. This week was not when we saw Wind Waker on Switch, Silent Hill on PlayStation, or got some kind of assurance Nintendo remembered what Metroid even was. But that's not to say there isn't plenty to look forward to.

Join Tom Phillips, Victoria Kennedy, Ishraq Subhan and Liv Ngan for our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom theories, thoughts on new Switch hardware, and our expert opinion on where to start with Yakuza.

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