Episode 108: September 11, 2022 - Marriage

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A Sunday morning sermon by Pastor David Singh. The Bible opens with the amazing act of God making us in his image. God’s fullness as male and female is expressed in the creation of man and woman. The coming together of man and woman in marriage is an essential unity, which reflects the unity of God himself. However, by the time you come to Genesis 4:19, Lamech has more than one wife. The story of marriage in the Old Testament is littered with the polygamous lives of Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, Moses, David, and most of all Solomon, the epitome of the rejection of marriage and monogamy. The focus of most marriages in the Old Testament was children and the identity of a wife was severely diminished if she did not have children. Equally the man’s concern was to ensure progeny, so that his name continues and that the wealth is passed on. Even today in most marriages, children take center stage in the marriage. As a result, the primary experience of unity as the purpose of marriage is lost. Christian marriage is a call to restore the original purpose of God and to put unity as the center of the marriage experience. For those who are not married Paul reminds us that they are not distracted, therefore they can focus on their singleness of devotion to God. Lord come and restore unity among us!

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