EP - 023 - 6 Self-Development Areas Every Leader Should Focus On

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Leadership is a journey of self-transformation and transforming others in the process.
Do leaders feel stress, strain, self-doubt or do they enjoy the process?
After studying many leaders and my own mentor, I understood that leaders who have the mindset of serving people, constantly go through 6 areas of self-development so that they stay relevant in the game.
This podcast is for leaders and also for aspiring leaders who want to improve their career and have a meaningful and impactful journey.
I have spoken about the below 6 areas of self-development:

  1. Improving your self-concept
  2. Having a mindset of contribution
  3. Learning from a mentor
  4. Understanding your biggest competitive advantage
  5. The one area of self-development that can elevate your physical, mental, and emotional game

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