EP - 018 - 6 Reasons Why You Should Influence Others As A Leader

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What is it about Influencing that makes it such an important attribute for anyone who wants to stand out as a leader?
Why did someone like Dr. John. C. Maxwell say that leadership is about influencing and nothing else?
In this podcast, I speak about 6 Reasons Why You Should Influence Others As A Leader
I cover the below topics:

  1. Influencing as a moral responsibility
  2. How Influencing creates a chain reaction?
  3. How to use Influencing as a way of communicating what you stand for?
  4. How Influencing helps people who matter to you move in the right direction?
  5. Why is it important to Influence others if you want to coach or mentor?
  6. How does Influencing directly relate to your contribution?

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