Part 2 - Flying High with WWII Hero Mr. John Katsaros (Podcast in English)

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Το δευτερο (εκ τριλογιας) επεισοδιο, στα αγγλικα, με καλεσμενο εναν μοναδικο ηρωα (ελληνικης καταγωγης) του δευτερου παγκοσμιου πολεμου: Κυριο Ιωαννη Κατσαρο.
Our guest on this episode is S/Sgt. USAAF (Ret.) John Katsaros. (Recipient of the following medals: “Chevalier” in the French Legion of Honor, Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with Cluster, French Resistance, WWII Victory, POW, Bronze Star, British Flying Boot.)
A full conversation, with a highly decorated WWII hero that went above and beyond the call of duty for Freedom.
Per the Greek national motto "Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος/ Freedom or death", Mr. Katsaros and the rest of the young men and women fought tirelessly to succeed on this critical mission.
Simple and direct, he shares his thoughts and knowledge with us to make sure we are ready to face what is next; as history repeats itself.
To order the book “Code Burgundy: The Long Escape,” contact author.
Tel: 978-869-3035

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