The New Era of Designer Bags: Redefining Leather Goods Report with Business of Fashion's Diana Lee

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Handbags and small leather goods occupy a special place in the retail market. A recent report by the Business of Fashion, which EDITED was thrilled to provide data insight on has underlined this.

According to their recent company reports, 50% of Prada sales and as high as 72% of Bottega Veneta sales are attributed to handbag and small leather goods purchases.

To talk about this today on the podcast we’re joined by Diana Lee, the Director of Research and Analysis at The Business of Fashion, who was instrumental in delivering "The New Era of Designer Bags" report from BoF Insights.

We discussed how the report came about and what the key takeaways are for retailers and brands, who currently occupy the luxury space, as well as the challenger brands that aspire to get there.

If you want to find out more about the report and all the amazing changes in the handbag market click on this link.

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