Tech Talks: How AI & Data Impact the Customer Experience

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So far in this mini-series, we’ve looked at how AI and data are driving major change in the world of commerce and how that change is impacting customers' buying behavior. But what can business leaders do to use that data?
In this episode of Tech Talks, EDITED's Chief Retail Scientist, Michael Ross, and John Squire, Founder of Dynamic Action, offer recommendations for retailers looking to enhance customer experience by developing ways to reward their most loyal buyers but also properly manage their customer delivery on promise, so vital to winning and losing a sale.
They explain how the wrong data can lead you to misdiagnose a business problem, the role of marketplaces in this data-driven world and why technology can be an amazing facilitator but also be an obstacle in a retail environment.

If you’re interested in marketplaces and how they impact the world of retail, check out our conversation with Rebecca Lacerda, the head of digital marketplaces at Crocs.

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