WTF is a Divorce Coach??? A Client Asked... So we Answered - DCP Ep10

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Divorce Coach? or Divorce Coaching?...
* What is it?
* What do they do?
* How does it work?
* How can it help me?
* What sort of things can they help with?
* Who should I work with?
* When should I work with one?
Or as a recent enquiry eloquently put it... "WTF is a Divorce Coach?" 🤔
Fay & I thought it might be useful to recap on our very first episode (Ep1 Introductions), now that we're a little more familiar (and not bricking it being on video lol).
We also talk about the different types of Divorce Coach that are out there, how each differ from each other and have different styles and approaches.
So if you ever wondered what a Divorce Coach is? How they work? What they do and work with you on?.. Listen to this 👍
Thanks for listening

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