Starting Over After Divorce / Separation - Those Immediate Mins, Hours & Days After - Ep13 DCP

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Ep13 is all about starting over after your divorce / separation.
Now I thought Fay & I were going to go down the practical route in this chat of the nuts and bolts of what do you do after the "formal" process was done...
But straight out the gate and Fay jumps in with a banger of question that I was expecting... "what was the major change you had to navigate after..." and it turns out she meant after "that conversation"!!! Like immediately after...
Where would I stay that first night?
When would I/could I see the kids?
How the hell do you communicate with your ex when you've just said it's over!?
As ever, we covered a loooooot of taboo topics and some really heavy hitting, every day questions that someone may be gong through.
Fingers crossed there are a lot of useful tips and insights in this one.
Please do leave us a comment and let us hear your thoughts and feelings on this episode. Likewise, let us know if there is a topic you'd like us to talk about or maybe you want to join us on DCP about your own experience???
Enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you
Fay & Tom

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