Mediation - What Is It? How Does It Work? Can It Help?

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Hey Listeners,
Fay & I have been talking to more divorce & separation professionals, to bring you more knowledge, resources and truths about different topics...
In this episode we talk to Hafsa Patel from Primrose Mediation, an expert family mediator and all round lovely person.
We're asking lots of questions today about what Mediation really is?
How it works?
Can you use it for both financial and child matters?
What should someone prepare for Mediation?
What's a MIAM?
We leave no stone unturned, than you to Hafsa for her expertise and huge knowledge in this specialist area.
If you have a question for Fay & I or indeed Hafsa, drop us a message and we'll put you in touch with her.
Thanks for listening.
Fay & Tom

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