Finances & Divorce / Separation - w/ Lottie Kent & Divorce Coaching Podcast - Ep8

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I hate thinking about my finances at the best of times, yet alone when I was going through my divorce!
In this episode (Ep8) of the Divorce Coaching Podcast Fay & I talk to Lottie Kent, aka @DivorceFinancialPlanner
We ask loads of factual, honesty and above all very useful questions that gets you the viewers some free insights and fab tips from an expert in divorce financial planning.
Are you in control of your finances pre, pending or post divorce?
Did your ex manage the money?
If so.. WTF & HTF (that's "Where" & "How" TF) do you start to get your head around it all?
Are they/you entitle to a pension share?
And a lot lot more.
As Lottie says, "what you are entitle to, and what you actually need are two very different things. Priority number 1, is establishing what you NEED".
You can find Lottie on Instagram @DivorceFinancialPlanner or via her website:
Or contact either myself or Fay and we will happily make the introduction.
If you have a question? topic or comment, you would like us to address, please get in touch via the following:
Or book a call directly via:
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Thanks all
Fay & Tom

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