Domestic Abuse & Divorce - A Real Life Story from a Brave Women named "Sarah" - Ep5 DCP

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Welcome to Ep5 of Fay & Tom's Divorce Coaching Podcast. In this episode we are joined by an unbelievably strong and inspiring lady, we call her "Sarah" to protect her anonymity, who lived through, managed to survive and escape a domestically abusive relationship.
This week we are talking about Sarah's experiences of Domestic Abuse, how she coped, how she recognised that it was abuse, how she got out and very importantly how she has moved forward with her life and is flourishing every day.
As always, Fay & I bring our experiences either personal and/or professional to the forefront, ask many many questions (that's out job right lol) and hopefully lift the lid on what domestic abuse can look like so you can recognise the signs and know where to turn for the right support.
If you have any comments, questions, statements, anything at all you would like to add, please get in touch with either Fay or myself or better yet comment below and also let us know if this or other videos are of use to you. All our contact info is at the end of the video as well.
If you are concerned for yours, your child(rens) or a friend or families safety and welfare due to a form of abuse, please get in touch and we can very happily and urgently help point you in the right direction for the right support service.
Finally, Ask for "ANI", if you are in the UK you can now go to a local pharmacist near you and ask for "ANI" as a code word that you are in need of urgent assistance due to abuse. Please pass this info on and share so others are aware.
Thanks for listening,
Fay & Tom x

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