Divorce & Family Law - w/ Pui Uro @ Hunter Uro Solicitors - Ep4

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Recorded and posted on YT in Jan 2021 for New Year New You....
Episode 4 brings you a very special guest, a fantastic and hugely knowledgeable Family Law professional here in the UK, Pui Uro, Director of Hunter & Uro Solicitors, someone I partner with closely to support her clients emotional wellbeing and mindset.
Given the time of year (New Years Eve), we thought that some practical insights from the Family Law world might be very useful for all our viewers, especially as so called "Divorce Day" is upon us (the first working day of the year when many think there is a spike in divorce / separation applications).
As ever, both Fay & I bring you insights, tips and of course our personal experiences of our own. As does Pui, a family lawyer who herself has also been through this challenging life situation , so has walked the same paths we all have / are.
This episode also focus on new starts, and a new you, or as I prefer to look at it... an improved you, your best version of you, a happier and true you.
Enjoy, if you have any questions, thoughts, comments or even better topics you wish for Fay & I to discuss, please get in touch with us or post here in the comments. Our contact info will pop up at the end of the video as usual.
If you would like to make contact with Pui Uro and her team at Hunter & Uro, please reach out to her/them directly on the following contact info:
Email: info@hunteranduro.co.uk
Call: +44(0) 207 177 9777 / +44(0) 1234 889 777
Web: https://hunteranduro.co.uk/external-r...

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