Dispute Resolution & Your Divorce!? w/ Corinne Parke, Child & Child Family Law - Ep23

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Hey Listeners 👋,
"Do I HAVE to go to Court?"... A question I get asked all the time as a Divorce Coach. The answer to this question ends up going down the rabbit the hole of what we call DR, Dispute Resolution (also known as ADR=Alternative DR, NCDR=Non-Court DR).
Another Divorce Coaching Podcast episode and another Divorce Myth Dispelled 🧙...
In this episode, Fay & I have a lovely chat with Corinne Parke, Family Law Partner at Law Firm, Child & Child.
Corinne & I (Tom) work together and are part of the "City of London Collaborative Law Pod" for Resolution.org. Corinne possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Family Law sector, and helps Fay & I unearth some myths that many people facing a divorce / separation may find themselves wondering... Do they have to go to court?
What other option are available to them other than expensive and emotionally draining litigation?
Has their lawyer even advised them or informed them about alternatives to court?
Has "Joe & Jane Public" ever even heard of Dispute Resolution?
What is DR?
What falls under DR other than just Mediation...? Well it turns out, quite a out actually.
We scratch the surface on your options of DR such as Arbitration? Collaborative Law and more.
We hope this episode was informative and useful, we also hope it brings you knowledge and the opportunity to become better informed, now having ideas of how to keep you, your ex and your family out of the lengthy and heart wrenching situation of litigation through the courts.
Fay & I 💗 to hear your thoughts, comments and questions, so please drop us a like 👍🏽, comment 💻 & share 📲 for others to find and enjoy.
You can get in touch with Corinne Parke directly at Child & Child or locate her anywhere online. Failing that, drop me (Tom) a message and I'll put you in touch.
Thank you for listening 🎧
Fay & Tom
Divorce Coaching Podcast

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