Partos Future Exploration - Diversity & Inclusion

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We live in volatile, uncertain, and complex times. So, how do we navigate an age of uncertainty and complexity in global development? In this series, we explore the Future of Partos - the Dutch Development Cooperation Association that brings together nearly 110 Dutch Development NGOs.
In this episode, we talk with Marinke van Riet about diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. What do we mean by these terminologies? How can organisations from the global North walk their talk and become more inclusive themselves? What is authentic leadership? And how can we tap into the power of social movements to decrease growing inequality?
Marinke van Riet is a passionate change-seeker with 20+ years of experience in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, inclusive economic growth, natural resource governance and sexual health and rights. A geek for creative strategies, open data, inclusive governance and accountability as in her opinion the latter two are among the key root causes of poverty, inequality and injustice. In the past years, Marinke served as the director of Voice - an innovative grant facility that supports the most marginalized communities globally in their efforts to influence and access social services and political participation.

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