Episode 29 - David Yontef’s Dorit Kelmsley High School Story, RHOBH and Dana intel on Housewife and the Hustler (with David Yontef)

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Dana welcomes David Yontef (@DavidYontef) from @BehindTheVelvetRope back on the pod!
Dana talks about the upcoming ABC New Original for Hulu, "The Housewife and the Hustler." She was interviewed for the special about the trials and tribulations of Erika “Jayne” Girardi of Bravo's #RHOBH. It will premiere on Hulu on June 14.
David finally reveals his connection to Dorit Kemsley of #RHOBH.
Reminder that Dana still doesn't know how to pronounce anyone's name!
What was Dorit like in high school? What clicks was she in? What was she like at parties?
David and Dana share high school stories... David was trapped at sea with Dorit... How did Dorit and PK meet? PK's gambling debt? Which of their properties are up for sale?
PK's show in the UK... PK the next hustler?
Designers and their relationships with housewives...
Dana tells us how she got involved with "The Housewife and the Hustler."
David and Bethany Frankel have what in common?
Does Dana regret her time on #RHOBH? More on Taylor Armstrong and Dana's relationship...
Dana, David and Casey talk about the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...
Kathy Hilton is a star... Beverly Hills ratings... Thoughts on Crystal Kung Minkoff...
Teddi Mellencamp coming back for an episode... Rumor about Erika Jayne's doctor confidentiality being waved due to the show...
Did Erika work for the mob?
Dana, David and Casey play the What Did Sutton's Slippers Remind You Of Game...
Predictions on Sutton's future on the show...

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