S3E2 | Shaundai Person on Becoming Unstoppable | Dev.Life

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In this episode of the Dev.Life, we have an open conversation with Shaundai Person about her non-traditional path from having a successful career in sales to becoming a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, a sought out conference speaker, a meetup organizer, and a dynamic course creator as well.
Shaundai talks about not only the barriers and challenges she faced as she changed careers, but also the ups and downs she’s encountered and deals with now that she’s in the field. To wrap things up, Shaundai shares thoughts and ideas on how diversity of backgrounds can add to the power behind your team and also how developers at any stage in their career can work through feelings of wanting to give up to finding happiness and success instead.
Shaundai Person @Shaundai
Brooke Avery @JediBravery
Erik Slack @erik_slack

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