#644 – Listener Questions – Power, HR, Effort, Olys, Sprints, Slang Terms

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Lots of great questions including bike power vs. HR vs. effort. We also look at “is too much swimming a thing?” What about too much climbing? We get into recovery and under fueling for training and in a general life-sense as it relates to stress. We talk about the 80/20 brand and why it’s just a baseline that flows. We also have a nice discussion about Sprints and Olympics and why that doesn’t translate into doing “easy” work. And we end with a “slang discussion” about the use of the term “Drip.”

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Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks for listening. We love ya.


  • The Lost Art
  • Outside forces
  • Remember where we come from?
  • Is power King on the bike?
  • Learn your body
  • Or, is HR King?
  • Connecting to your effort
  • Too much swimming?
  • Too much climbing?
  • Too much stress?
  • Overtraining vs. Being Tired
  • PRs in Training vs Bad Racing
  • Sprinting to the Finish Line after walking
  • Under fueled?
  • 80/20
  • Cramping — Poor Nutrition . . . or?
  • Elf on the shelf?
  • Olys and Sprints - Don’t equal easy
  • Fast - - - Then Far
  • “Doing it” … vs racing to your potential
  • We go into a Deep Dive on the slang term “Drip”

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Robbie Bruce - C26Coach@gmail.com


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