Kona Preview - Insight and Predictions for the Ironman World Championship

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The smart money is on Blummenfelt, Iden, and Ryf, but who do we think has a chance to knock them off?

We give our predictions, plus get into Kona racing strategy, including why the swim is so important, how athletes position themselves on the bike, and why it really all boils down the the run. We talk about the legend of the Island, local perspective, and respect for the land, along with why experience is so important. Some athletes are always in the news, but it’s the ones you don’t really hear about much that understand what it takes to be a World Champion. Will that matter or will Blummenfelt and Iden run away with it? Will Ryf show her dominance from start to finish? Will Patrick Lange re-emerge? Is Lionel ready? While there are favorites, this is one of the more spread out fields in a while.


  • 2 Day Event - Is it sustainable?
  • Local perspective on hosting World Championships
  • Spirituality of the Island
  • Kona is a Runner’s Race
  • Drafting vs. Working with the group
  • Why pros work so hard on this swim
  • Women’s Race Picks
  • Men’s Race Picks
  • Favorites and Sleepers and why
  • Below are some of the Pros we talk about. This is NOT prediction order:

  • Daniela Ryf
  • Anne Haug
  • Sky Moench
  • Laura Philipp
  • Lucy Charles-Barclay
  • Kristian Blummenfelt
  • Patrick Lange
  • Gustav Iden
  • Lionel Sanders
  • Braden Currie
  • Ben Hoffman “Hoffmeister General”
  • Magnus Ditlev
  • Matt Hanson

Coaching Inquiries:

Mike Tarrolly - CrushingIron@gmail.com

Robbie Bruce - C26Coach@gmail.com



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