Ironman Wisconsin 2022 Recap

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It wasn’t as much of a race as it was a battle of attrition. Today, we break down Ironman Wisconsin from the beginning of the swim through the brutal bike and the dark and lonely run. The emotions on this day were all over the map and we share stories from on the course and the spectator perspective. Roughly 1500 started and 1020 finished. No one expected that weather at Ironman Wisconsin, but it turned out to be one for the ages.


  • Perfect Saturday, brutal Sunday
  • The morning and swim line up
  • Mental preparation and finding a reason
  • The anatomy of the water
  • The crowds in the rain
  • Staying warm
  • Transitions take on a new meaning
  • Going to dark places and losing hope
  • The “new” stick on the bike
  • Wet and bumpy roads, cold riding, high winds
  • Getting through the loops
  • Volunteer toughness
  • Nowhere to find speed
  • Why that bike course was so Demoralizing
  • The bumps and the breaks
  • Twilight Zone feels
  • The Last 10 Miles of the bike
  • The Last 2 Miles of the bike
  • T2 and temptation
  • Coming out on the run
  • How do you run a marathon after that bike?
  • Aid stations and volunteers
  • The low spectator vibe
  • Camp Randall run
  • The dark run path and chilling wind
  • The late struggles
  • The finish line

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