#654 – Don't Try Too Hard – Relaxation and Patience Win

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Today we talk about the power of relaxation in swimming, on the bike, and while running… Oh, and skiing too. Mike skied for the first time in 30 years this week and talks about what he learned and how it can be applicable to triathlon training. Tense and anxious athletes never perform their best and we look at the power of slowing down, staying with the program and trusting the progression. We look at how we can dig holes over and over without making progress. We talk about leaving something in the tank physically, but also mentally and why that can derail your best intentions. Get out of your own way and stop making everything harder than it needs to be.


  • Snow Days
  • Checkbooks - wrong dates
  • Order some C26 Gear and get a personal note
  • Mike’s skiing analogies for triathlon
  • Patiences and presence
  • Doing it without thinking
  • Being tired and fatigued and stopping ahead
  • You can work through it, but . . .
  • Digging out of your own hole
  • Stop seeing triathlon as a trend that stops every year
  • Straight up - Be present
  • Don’t TRY so hard
  • Watch others that a good
  • You can make up ground
  • Where to look when you’re riding a bike
  • Zoning out and missing the exit
  • Allocating mental energy
  • Talking but not doing the work
  • Controlled falls
  • Fighting and flailing the water is not as fast
  • Skipping the progression
  • Looking forward to what’s next
  • You can’t skip steps
  • Burned out
  • The real work is not flashy
  • The smallest returns from doing too much
  • Quiet Quinn’s progress
  • The desire and obsession for NOW
  • Leaving something in the tank, mentally
  • You fail because . . .
  • Running into a brick wall over and over
  • Getting out of your own way
  • You are the most complex part of training
  • Unwinding the Christmas lights

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Mike Tarrolly - CrushingIron@gmail.com

Robbie Bruce - C26Coach@gmail.com


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