Be Better Next Year

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After your big race always comes the million dollar question: What can I do this off-season to be better next year? It can be a confusing time and it’s easy to think crushing things is the way to get faster. But today we look at an approach based on developing skills along with getting your mindset in a place to work on things you’re not good at OR don’t like. The off-season is a great time to give yourself time while looking at the goals after the goals. Things that used to work might not work anymore and you can find yourself in a perpetual loop where everything remains the same. Maybe it’s as simple as developing patience for your training. Building in a way that feels good and reclaims your body. Get better while feeling good and rekindle that passion.


  • Muncie Preview Podcast #65
  • Kona Preview Coming
  • Turts and Scarfs and Turtlenecks
  • Wild time of the year
  • Goals before goals
  • Professionals vs. Age Group Comparison
  • Periodization
  • Fast — Then Far?
  • Far — Then Fast?
  • Caught in the seasonal training loop
  • Partial Choice Weeks
  • Structure and Flexibility
  • Faster vs Being stronger
  • Skill development
  • Training in a way that makes off-season-sense
  • Different courses demand different training plans
  • Working on things that you’re bad at
  • Sacrificing future gains
  • Patience
  • Maybe it’s a good time of year to work on what you don’t like
  • What used to work, might not work anymore
  • Things change, stress changes
  • Get in the ballpark becomes get to the ballpark early
  • Beauty Parlor Analogy . . .

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