Crane's Corner: 6-9-21 The BIG COVID CON.

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Finally, in a matter of days or weeks, wherever you live in these 50 states, you can wash those face masks, pack 'em away for the next killer virus, burn them or donate them to the forthcoming Anthony Fauci “Do As I Say Not As I Do” Museum. Suddenly it seems the scourge of 2020 and part of 2021 will soon be just another dark chapter in history. Why, because people are getting vaccinated! Sort of.

Outside of Gibraltar, where 100 percent of the population has been immunized, few countries have an immunization rate of better than 60 percent and those numbers include people who’ve gotten 1 shot and those who’ve gotten 2. So the numbers are a little suspect, because those who’ve only gotten one jab, may not get the second, which makes them COVID possible in a couple of months or even weeks. Just the other day, ex FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gotlieb offered the opinion that those fully vaccinated will need a booster shot in the fall.

All of which tells me a couple of things. We are nowhere near being fully vaccinated, but after 16 months of being bullied by politicians who ordered businesses, schools, churches, ball parks, barber shops, restaurants, bars and even Disneyland closed.

Suddenly, Happy Days are here again.

Really? I’m guessing most kids under 12 and maybe 30 to 40 percent of the US adult population has not been vaccinated. Thats over 100 million people. 100 million people who won’t be protected by masks or 6 foot separation or any of the other life or death protocols that made us all nuts for the last year and change. How can we leave so many unprotected?

Because they don’t need protection. They never really did. COVID 19 was a nasty virus that killed millions. But for the most part it killed people with underlying serious health issues. Heart Disease. Respiratory Disease. Cancer. Diabetes.

Unfortunately, most who died didn’t have a chance and those with the comorbidities got the vaccine first, and perhaps just in time. Pardon my cynicism but the great Pandemic of 2020 was part health crisis but mostly it has been a shameful power grab, by mostly liberal politicians who got a chance to shove money at people who will keep voting for them, and now think they will be viewed as the great emancipator by restoring freedoms they shouldn’t have taken away in the first place. We’ve been over-sanitized, traumatized and conned into losing businesses and relationships, recreation and fellowship over a pandemic that was academic. If you weren’t terribly old or terribly sick, you’d certainly survive it and might not get it.

Most intelligent Americans have figured this out, but our so-called leaders are still on the power trip. Noticeably California Governor Gavin Newsom. He’s lifting the mask mandate but refusing to relinquish the so-called State of Emergency which lets him control California and 140 million residents like a crackpot dictator in a Banana Republic. Forget the recall circus that he’s likely to survive, Newsom should be impeached and then exiled. There must be some Banana Republic looking for a power hungry idiot to handle the people who haven’t yet packed up for Biden Bucks in Estados Unidos.

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