Crane's Corner: 6-2-21 We Were Warned

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Ever ask yourself this question. In a country of 330 million people, why do we settle for such mediocrity in the people we elect to lead us?

Joe Biden, is not now nor ever will be anything special. Oh yes, he’ll go down in history like the 40 some men who preceded him as Leader of The Free World, but he’s no Reagan, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Harry Truman. Maybe he slides in between Millard Fillmore and Warren Harding. Biden’s skill, if you want to call it that, is his ability to hang around. He got noticed in the early 70’s as a good looking guy with a lot of bad luck. His wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident. Biden didn’t do much in the senate, and became known as Senator Credit Card for his cozy relationship with the plastic honchos, who made his home state their home state, due to Delaware's favorable banking laws. Teddy Kennedy got in the way of his presidential aspirations in the early 80’s, Bill Clinton kept him off the ticket in the 90’s and in 1988, he killed any chance for the White House by lying---about almost everything. Now the media has been skewered for playing nice to Joe but that wasn’t the case in ‘88..

He plagiarized speeches..listen to Biden and British pol Neil Kinnock…


He apologized. Then got caught cribbing from Kinnock again:

That should have been enough. But Joe Biden--channeling his inner Joe Isuzu...boasted about his academic record:


The media caught him. He didn’t have 3 degrees just one---Law School,,close to the bottom of the class---76th in a class of 85 but then the media and the rest of the country forgot that Joe Biden was no George Washington..

If you can’t trust him with a political speech or his academic record, why are we trusting him with our tax dollars and the nuclear codes…

The answer---voters are lazy, and in 2020 even those well informed would rather go four years without an iPhone and a Prius then vote for Donald Trump.

So far, Biden’s screwed up the southern border, relinquished our first time energy independence and is printing money to pacify poor voters who’ll return the favor with democrat votes..

Covid’s on the run, but inflation’s on deck...the deficit is at record levels and China and Russia are laughing. The truth hurts Joe. But how would you know..

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