Nate and Dan sign off from the Browns podcast

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The Cover 2 podcast from the Akron Beacon Journal is coming to a close. Well, at least for hosts Nate Ulrich and Dan Kadar.

Nate is transitioning off the Browns beat full to focus on writing in-depth features on Northeast Ohio athletes from all walks of life.

The exact date it started is nebulous, but the podcast has gone several hundred episodes covering the good and mostly bad of the Browns — with plenty of movie and food takes sprinkled in.

The final episode from Nate and Dan is a retrospective of sorts. Get your tissues. Here's a little bit of what was talked about on this episode:

- Nate details his most memorable games while on the Browns beat for the past 12 years. That includes some love for Brian Hoyer, Baker Mayfield's debut in 2018 and the helmet swing heard around the world by Myles Garrett.

- Nate explains why veteran Browns left guard Joel Bitonio was among his most favorite players to cover over the years.

- What are the Brownsiest Browns moments since 2010? The Johnny Manziel saga that included a helicopter searching for him? The team going 1-31? Josh Gordon's numerous suspensions? Beyond all that, there is something more recently that sticks out that defines "Browns is Browns."

- We couldn't let Nate off the beat until he makes a prediction for how the Browns will do in 2022. Of course, that comes with caveats based on whether or not quarterback Deshaun Watson will get suspended, and for how long.

This episode closes with some heartfelt and earned recognitions

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