Inner Health Series Ep 1: Adam Atkinson

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Kicking off the first ever Inner Health Series, Celeste speaks with Adam Atkinson, head coach & creator of See You Later Leaner. Aside from coaching, Adam takes on lab consult clients, such as Celeste, to look at an athletes bloodwork and see if and where things are off hormonally, and how they can be fixed. First, Celeste discusses her personal experiences in working with Adam and how he has helped her improve her internal health and progress in her improvement season, starting with an in depth review of her bloodwork.

Adam discusses common results and red flags one should be aware of when going over labs and how different seasons of training an affect ones hormone levels. He also touches on the topic of enhanced athletes and supplementation, emphasizing what women especially should be aware of before going down that route.

Along with sharing success stories from both his natural and enhanced athletes, Adam shares strategies he thinks are important for competitors to obtain longevity in the sport. He also talks about hormone replacement therapy and the role it plays for athletes of various age groups.

You won’t want to miss the valuable insight and experience Adam has to offer and the reasoning why he values bloodwork and labs so highly for longevity in bodybuilding and overall health!

Topics Covered:

-Importance of bloodwork

-Training seasons & hormonal impacts

-Women becoming enhanced athletes

-Coach-client communication

-How to optimize longevity in bodybuilding

-HRT therapy and bodybuilding

Time Stamps:

[0:50] Celeste introduces the new inner health series & first guest, Adam Atkinson.

[2:20] Adam shares the importance of and why he prioritizes bloodwork.

[4:40] Celeste asks Adam to elaborate on why he recommended her specific tests.

[9:45] Adam summarizes starting and progress points from Celeste’s labs.

[14:50] Adam shares what one should consider a red flag vs normal results on bloodwork.

[21:20] Celeste asks how various training seasons affect certain hormone levels.

[24:40] Celeste asks how Adam treats athletes who have low energy levels yet “normal” lab numbers shortly after a show.

[26:10] Adam shares how optimal hormone levels attribute to physique development.

[28:15] Adam discusses what women should be aware of when choosing to become an “enhanced athlete.”

[30:50] Adam shares the importance of communicating with your coach about enhanced supplementation.

[34:50] Celeste asks what may be optimal for competitors to maintain longevity in the sport.

[40:00] Adam shares how supplementation based off his bloodwork review has helped natural athletes achieve success.

[46:30] Celeste asks if clients using HRT can leverage that to better their physique.

[53:15] Celeste asks Adam about athletes that want to transition back to being natural.

[54:50] Adam shares why he works with lab consult clients.

[56:00] Adam shares how potential clients can connect & work with him.

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