Episode 187: 17187 With Malice Toward None

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The album is a breathtaking collection of globally inspired compositions and collaborations, with each composer sharing their own personal interpretations of folk music. Works include a title track by Vietnam War veteran J. Kimo Williams with a performance by electric violinist Tracy Silverman, Pamela Z’s The Unraveling, What is the Word? by Christopher Theofanidis and Mark Wingate, new arrangements of a trio of Armenian folk songs by pioneering Armenian composer Komitas, and Eve Beglarian’s We Will Sing One Song for duduk, string quartet, percussion, and track. The Pamela Z, Theofanidis and Wingate, and Beglarian pieces are part of Apollo’s 20x2020 project, launched in 2014 with a mission to commission 20 new multicultural works before the end of the decade.

With Malice Toward None Track List

1. J. Kimo Williams — With Malice Toward None (2020) [13:23]

Pamela Z — The Unraveling -- 20x2020 No. 16 (2019)

2. I. Joni [4:11]

3. II. Lord I’m One [3:45]

4. III. Travis [5:10]

5. IV. Microbus [4:45]

Pamela Z, voice and electronics

Christopher Theofanidis & Mark Wingate — What is the Word? -- 20x2020 No. 11 (2017)

6. “What is the Word” (poem) [1:31]

7. I. Extroverted [2:06]

8. II. Edgy [0:43]

9. III. Mercurial [2:04]

10. IV. Noble [2:20]

11. V. Very Fast [1:42]

12. VI. Euphoric [3:00]

Komitas/Aslamazyan (arr. Matthew J. Detrick/Apollo Chamber Players) — Themes of Armenian Folksongs (1915/2021)

13. Festive Song [1:23]

14. The Crane [2:42]

15. Echmiadzin Dance [2:14]

Joan DerHovsepian, guest viola

16. Eve Beglarian — We Will Sing One Song -- 20x2020 No. 19 (2020) [17:54]

Arsen Petrosyan, duduk

Pejman Hadadi, percussion (tombak, kuzeh, dayereh, bam-dayereh, senj, kanjira)

Joan DerHovsepian, guest viola

Eve Beglarian, digital track
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This album is broadcasted with the permission of Katy Solomon from Morahana Arts and Media.

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