DIE!gest Episode 26: The Neon Demon and Starry Eyes

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“A Star is Born” may be the title of a shit movie starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, BUT it’s not a shit theme for the double feature this episode. Join us this week for a discussion of two horror films featuring young starlets looking to make it big in their respective fields in Hollywood, only to find out…shit is fucked up. Those films would be “The Neon Demon” and “Starry Eyes”. If you want to follow along with the podcast, next episode the theme for the double feature is…well, still working on a catchy theme as of the time of this posting. BUT, the films we will be discussing are “Black Swan” and “Perfect Blue”. Get into it! Send an email with double feature suggestions, feedback or other topics to cinephilesdigest@gmail.com Original Music provided by Kurt Moren dreamsofsilentmemories.com/

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