International Day of People with Disability

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Disability Action Week and International Day of People with Disability are a time to celebrate how far we've come in access, inclusion, and respect for people with disability. It's also a time to reflect on the work still to be done, to build a community where everyone is included and welcome, and their contributions recognised and valued.

Employment is one area where there's been a lot of work done, but still much more to go. Employment and entrepreneurship for people with disability brings the dignity of taking a calculated risk, the pride of a job done well, access to the community, and the freedom of financial independence.

In this episode we meet four people with disability who are turning their career dreams into reality: personal trainer Shane Falconer, journalist and radio producer Braeden Jason, freelance virtual assistant Justine Fox, and nature photographer Michelle Taylor-Holmes.

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  • Interviews: Fiona Stutz & Emily Smith
  • Production: Jodie van de Wetering

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