Celebrating Carers

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Carers Week every October is a time to celebrate the amazing efforts of Australia's 2.65 million unpaid family carers. Carers Queensland has marked the week with events across the state to thank carers for their contribution not only to their loved ones, but the broader community and the nation's economy.

It's a time to reflect, but also to look ahead - so we caught up for a chat with CEO of Carers Queensland, Debra Cottrell.

In this episode we also meet carer Susan Peters from southern Queensland's Granite Belt region. She's carer for two family members, one who has autism and the other complex mental health. Susan also runs a business along with her husband Darryl, a counsellor, and is a part of her local carers' support group.

Please note the transcript for this episode will be available soon.

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  • Interviews & production: Jodie van de Wetering

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